Meet the Divvy ebikes

With a pedal-assist motor to supercharge your ride, our ebikes are the easiest way to get around Chicago — without breaking a sweat.

Ride like a superhero

With speeds up to 20 MPH, these custom pedal-assist ebikes give you the power to tackle bridges, shave time off your commute, and experience more neighborhoods in less time. Just start pedaling and the power kicks in.

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Price by the minute

Annual members pay $0.18/minute.
Non-members pay $1 to unlock plus $0.44/minute.
Divvy for Everyone members pay $0.05/minute.

In select zones of the service area, your ebike rides will start with included minutes at no additional cost before per-minute pricing kicks in.

Full pricing details

How to park

You can either dock or lock your ebike (not both at once). Dock at any Divvy station, or use the cable to lock at any e-station or at the 500+ Divvy approved public bike racks for no additional cost. For an extra $2.40, you can also lock to any other public bike rack, light pole, signpost, or retired parking meter within the service area.
Please don’t lock the bike to itself or any other structures, including private property or trees. And be sure not to block pathways, sidewalks, or ramps.


We’re installing ebike-only e-stations throughout the city to improve availability and keep our city clean. Use the locking cable on the ebike to secure it at an e-station. Please only lock ebikes here — not classic bikes or personal bikes.

Ending your ride

Parking is free at Divvy stations, 500+ Divvy approved public bike racks, and e-stations. Divvy members will be charged $1.20 for parking at any other public bike rack in the service area, and non-members will be charged $2.40. Parking out of the service area and parking violations (locking it to itself or any structure not mentioned above) incur an extra $25 fee.

Happy (and safe) riding!

We always recommend that you wear a helmet, brake gradually with both hands, and be cautious in traffic when riding an ebike.

More safety tips

Go for a ride today

To find a Divvy ebike, just download the Divvy app and get ready to experience Chicago in a whole new way.

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